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How to use and return your refill pouches…

Our plastic pouches are 85% less plastic than our previous PET bottles so are an efficient alternative to reduce plastic waste. They do still need to be recycled by a specialist due to the mixed plastic properties, so we have partnered up with TerraCycle, who have a system of converting them into pellets, transforming them into a new raw material and products such as outdoor furniture and play equipment. So you won’t need to worry about how to dispose of them correctly.

To return your refill pouches for recycling, follow these simple steps:

1. Empty your refill pouch into one of our aluminium bottles. There is enough to fill one and three quarters of one of our bottles.

2. When you have collected 5 empty refill pouches, please return them to us in the pre-paid Royal Mail envelope (please select on purchase of refill pouch). Returning the pouches in multiples is a more efficient and environmental way of making the most of the envelope.

3. Alternatively, bring back your empty pouches to any of our Bath House stores to be recycled, find your local store here.